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Commissioning compositions - 'new music' project

31st July 2019

We are very lucky to have had such a brilliant response to an ad that went on Composing today. The ad reached many composers from all over the world. This has inspired us to start our 'new music' project from November 2019.

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This is why we love playing music!

19th July 2019

Bill Anderton, an accomplished string player and composer, runs a music gathering for friends and lovers of music of all ages and all levels. We were invited to come and see, hear, play, eat biscuits and drink tea and coffee.  

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Logo graffiti

16th July 2019

It was Sarah's idea to graffiti our ANIMO logo: two white king size sheets from ASDA, box of graffiti spray paints, imagination, fun, two very happy musicians...

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And so it begins!

10th July 2019

Our launch story has officially begun. We've just had our first session with our launch composer Joe Howard. This is going to be good!

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Dymock Festival looking back

8th July 2019

A few days ago we received some video clips and photos from Dymock's 'Sounds at the Pound'. 

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Joe and Animo and biomusic

23rd June 2019

Our first meeting with Joe Howard, our launch composer, is in July. 

The idea is that we "organically" come up with any ideas that can be recorded and incorporated into our first ever Animo-commissioned composition. Very exciting! 

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Which composer?

19th June 2019

It has been a wonderful experience to have so many composers approach us offering to write for Animo!

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Animo Recording, 2nd - 3rd September

10th June 2019

September 2-3, 2019. ANIMO's inaugural CD recording sessions. Super excited!
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ANIMO launch composer

7th June 2019

The first composition written specifically for ANIMO is under way

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The Launch - 24th October

3rd May 2019

ANIMO are preparing full steam ahead for their big Autumn launch event!

On October 24th ANIMO are performing in front of an audience of invited VIP guests at Blackfriars in Gloucester as their official promotional event.

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ANIMO is born - A bit of history

29th March 2019

In Spring 2018 Sarah and Yanna decided to play together as a serious venture rather than ad-hoc. At that point, Yanna, happily retired from teaching since 2016, is busy with a big home renovation project since October 2017 and Sarah is working all hours, playing with other ensembles, conducting, teaching, running marathons but both decide that they are ready for a new challenge!

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