"Extraordinary. A magical atmosphere from the first note!"

Animo is a Contemporary Classical flute and piano duo that perform soulful timeless music

Animo = spirit, mind, emotion, intent, feelings

Sarah and Yanna launched Animo in Gloucester Blackfriars in October 2019. Since October 2019, we have committed to a five-year 'new music project' commissioning composers worldwide to write music specifically for us. 

Animo are all about performing soulful music with a myriad influences which means that since June 2020 Animo is officially 'Declassified'. Our performance style is inclusive, open, fun and laid back. We thrive in creating a connection with our audiences.

During the current pandemic, Animo went to work, started new projects and more recently LIVESTREAMING 5-10 minute concerts on YouTube (October 2020). 

ANIMO can tailor music to suit all audiences and ages. For samples of programmes and our repertoire, please have a look at Performance

We would be delighted to offer one of our exciting programmes for your venue or special event. To get in touch with us visit the Contact page

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"Beautiful, this is the start of something so exciting! I am so pleased for your both. Salt of the earth blew my socks off!"


"Beautiful concert and venue. Really enjoyed it. "


"What a wonderful evening to be invited to - We wish you both the very best on your adventure."

S and N

"What a fantastic experience. Thank you both for such a wonderful opportunity to listen to your talent. The music sent shivers down my spine! "


"Simply mesmerising. "


"My blood pressure has surely gone down! Just so moving to see, hear and share in your music. "


"Extraordinary. A magical atmosphere from the first note!"


"Thank you- a true privilege to share your special evening. "


"'A' and I were blown away by the versatility of Animo. The pieces were very atmospheric and made even more so by the surroundings. I'm not a great fan of contemporary music but I loved the pieces you played which weren't, as I would say, too off the wall! You make a great duo and look forward to hearing more from you both."


"Amazing performance! The music was beautiful!"


From the blog

Phase 1 Animo workshops with Supriya Nagarajan

7th April 2021

It was such a pleasure to work with Supriya and open ourselves to the magic of improvisation on Indian Music Ragas. 


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