"Extraordinary. A magical atmosphere from the first note!"

ANIMO two: “This is a joyous and captivating album.”






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ANIMO and Lindsey Barkham at the COURTYARD, Sheffield

Saturday 7th December 2024 at Sheffield, THE COURTYARD

SAVE THE DATE ANIMO are teaming up with one of their biggest fans and wonderful amateur singer Lindsey Barkham, to present a programme of 'Christmas with a twist'...


Animo is a Contemporary Declassified flute and piano duo that perform soulful, timeless music.

Animo = spirit, mind, emotion, intent, feelings

Sarah and Yanna launched Animo in Gloucester Blackfriars in October 2019. 

Animo are all about performing soulful music with a myriad influences which means that since June 2020 Animo is officially 'Declassified'. Our performance style is inclusive, open, fun and laid back. We thrive in creating a connection with our audiences. Our most ambitious project started in 2019 with the commmission of 11 new compositions by international composers. 

Recently, ANIMO were signed by PARMA records who produced our 'ANIMO two' album on the Ravello records label. We are thrilled to see that our album was loved by our audiences and in particular by Alex Rainieri on 'LOUD MOUTH' 

"This is a joyous and captivating album. The featured works are uplifting, inviting and well-crafted. The performances by Animo Duo are excellent, and the many commissioned works on the album embody a significant contribution to the expansion of the repertory of flute/piano duo works."



"Remarkable! So moving...I can't wait to hear more and follow you on this incredible journey! Beautiful evening. Thank you!"


"What a wonderful evening. It was special hearing beautiful unusual music in this setting. Thank you so much for inviting me."


"Thank you so much for a most delightful and inspiring evening of wonderful music in the company of friends.CG"

Animo Jailbreak

"Beautiful concert and venue. Really enjoyed it. "


"My blood pressure has surely gone down! Just so moving to see, hear and share in your music. "


"Exquisite launch! Congratulations Yanna and Sarah and a huge well done to all involved in making Animo happen! It was wonderful to hear you play in concert! What a beautiful evening. Thank you! "


"What a wonderful evening to be invited to - We wish you both the very best on your adventure."

S and N

"Yanna and Sarah, thank you for the VIP invitation to a fantastic evening. We thoroughly enjoyed all of it."


"Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!"


"'A' and I were blown away by the versatility of Animo. The pieces were very atmospheric and made even more so by the surroundings. I'm not a great fan of contemporary music but I loved the pieces you played which weren't, as I would say, too off the wall! You make a great duo and look forward to hearing more from you both."


From the blog

ANIMO two gets a review!

24th August 2023

So excited to see a review of our album 'ANIMO two' being published online by LOUD MOUTH, written by the pianist and artistic director of the Brisbane Music Festival, Alex Rainieri. 

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