"Extraordinary. A magical atmosphere from the first note!"

ANIMO two: “This is a joyous and captivating album.”



Animo is a Contemporary Declassified flute and piano duo that perform soulful, timeless music.

Animo = spirit, mind, emotion, intent, feelings

Sarah and Yanna launched Animo in Gloucester Blackfriars in October 2019. 

Animo are all about performing soulful music with a myriad influences which means that since June 2020 Animo is officially 'Declassified'. Our performance style is inclusive, open, fun and laid back. We thrive in creating a connection with our audiences. Our most ambitious project started in 2019 with the commmission of 11 new compositions by international composers. 

During the pandemic, Animo went to work, started new projects, performed a weekly 'Tuesday live at 12:45' live-stream from our home studio, recorded our 2nd album 'ANIMO two' from which the first releases are due in June 2021, recorded our new music video and short film at St George's Bristol, and we are now in the final stages of our composition commissions. 

Our first post-pandemic live performance on July 15th 2021, became a livestream due to Covid restrictions but it was the restart of our post-lockdown calendar. 

We are proud to have been chosen for a residency and to take part in the Festival of New at Snape Maltings in September 2021. This is the beginning of a new collaboration with Supriya Nagarajan which resulted in the creation of a brand new ensemble PRANASA with which we've already performed in various venues including an outdoor concert in Greece, July 2023.

ANIMO are always keen to collaborate with other musicians and to perform in any venue and any setting. 

Recently, ANIMO were signed by PARMA records who produced our 'ANIMO two' album on the Ravello records label. We are thrilled to see that our album was loved by our audiences and in particular by Alex Rainieri on 'LOUD MOUTH' 

"This is a joyous and captivating album. The featured works are uplifting, inviting and well-crafted. The performances by Animo Duo are excellent, and the many commissioned works on the album embody a significant contribution to the expansion of the repertory of flute/piano duo works."

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"Stunning, beautiful, magical. No word to describe how special tonight was. What a fantastic journey you took us on! Thank you."


"For the first time in my life I am lost for words - I would just like to say that I feel the most privileged person to have watched you. Thank you both for a fabulous concert. "


"Thank you so much for this evening. I was transported. The hairs on the back of my neck are still standing. Such a wonderful sound, and a marvellous venue. On to the next concert... "


"What a wonderful sound! I closed my eyes and took it all in. Just beautiful! "


"Yanna and Sarah, thank you for the VIP invitation to a fantastic evening. We thoroughly enjoyed all of it."


"What a wonderful evening to be invited to - We wish you both the very best on your adventure."

S and N

"Beautiful, this is the start of something so exciting! I am so pleased for your both. Salt of the earth blew my socks off!"


"Absolutely Amazing! "

R and L

"Exquisite launch! Congratulations Yanna and Sarah and a huge well done to all involved in making Animo happen! It was wonderful to hear you play in concert! What a beautiful evening. Thank you! "


"...The beauty of the building, however, was then surpassed once you and Sarah started playing. You are the most wonderful duo and it was the most exciting evening, to listen to such unique music which was played to such a high standard. Every piece was elevating and enthralling to listen to. Thank you too for the delicious canapes and warming glass of mulled wine. The whole evening was a joy to be at, totally inspiring. Thank you very much once again."


From the blog

ANIMO two gets a review!

24th August 2023

So excited to see a review of our album 'ANIMO two' being published online by LOUD MOUTH, written by the pianist and artistic director of the Brisbane Music Festival, Alex Rainieri. 

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