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One year ANIMO!

24th October 2020

Today is one year since Animo's launch...


Animo two

13th October 2020

We set the route to ANIMO two during Lockdown but we have to divert slightly to make room for new ideas and more urgent requests - all  of which will be revealed in a future blog. ANIMO two will be recorded in the new year but in the meantime...

Animo Jailbreak - snapshot

30th September 2020

We just posted a snapshot of our 'Jailbreak concert' in August 2020 on SoundCloud!


10th September 2020

We were hoping September will bring with it a whoosh an accelerando, a con moto, a tutta forza, a Da Capo to the more familiar (normal) but it seems we are still living in the 'unknown'. Feels a bit like coming out of hibernation but we don't know when it's going to be safe or 'normal'. We miss performing for people. We miss being spontaneous. Engage Anti-lock breaks!

Jailbreak concert happened! 18.8.2020

21st August 2020

We loved every moment of performing for our fabulous audience last Tuesday. It was a shock to the system too!

A wonderful shock to the system...

Animo Jailbreak!

14th August 2020

It's Animo's Jailbreak on 18th August! We are holding an informal soiree concert at our Eden's Hill Studio base. 

Excited, relieved and, after a long 'tacet' from performing live,  totally up for it!


August is the month for making plans

4th August 2020

Starting today, we have begun our countdown to our new Album release 'ANIMO two', our first Premiere videos on YouTube and lots more rehearsal videos and our 2020 blooper reel (oh, we are still making fools of ourselves!). 

Plans to record new pieces for Music Library are also underway. Above all, we are bursting with anticipation for making LIVE music again!

July news!

10th July 2020

Animo had a brilliant conference experience at the end of June. We met so many wonderful musicians (4 from my home country!). We are now working on our 'new music' commissions, talking to our wonderful composers and planning ahead.

Looking forward - AEMC lasting impressions (27-28 June 2020)

29th June 2020

Animo's participation at the AMEC conference has filled us both with ambition to reach higher but also take a moment and see what is already here.

This weekend: 3rd AEMC Conference, A Journey 27-28/6/20

27th June 2020

This weekend Animo are joining musicians from all the world. The programme is now published and Animo are performing virtually on Sunday 28th June. It is also the first virtual performance of Lukas Piel's beautiful commission 'The Journey of Alan Kurdi'.

Animo went to work!

5th June 2020

Like everybody else during this COVID parallel universe, we too had to double-think about whether we could, in fact, 'go to work' and we decided... we could!

150 words about whether 'Classical Music is dead'

22nd April 2020

This amazing thing happened...

Music can cure things medication can't

18th March 2020

These are different times. Live, free music, courtesy of a virus. If this isn't the most symbolic gesture by the universe, I don't know what is! MUSIC CAN CURE THINGS MEDICATION CAN'T was a quote I stumbled upon this evening...

Meeting Wendy Nieper and Eve Loiseau - Martin Bills is a genius!

5th March 2020

Wendy, Eve, Yanna and Sarah met last February in preparation for their collaboration concert at Hellens Manor on August 2nd 2020. We all agreed that Martin's songs are both inspiring and soothing and we can't wait to share them with our audiences!

Tara is in the house!

27th February 2020

On February 21st Tara and Animo met for the first time face to face. What a treat! Tara brought the first draft of her composition which she is writing for us, with us. It's about endless sadness, a threnody, an endless inconsolable grief and yet so much hope, so much courage, so much to celebrate and share with the rest of the world.

CHP A Year in Review

11th February 2020

A video that we thought it was worth sharing created by our Launch Sponsors, Coach House Pianos. Animo is featured in there as well as lots of other beautiful moments.

Promo video is now live!

30th January 2020

Our promotional video is now live on social media and our website! We are very proud of the final cut and really grateful to all who helped make this dream a reality! A highly involved process for everyone who produced it but especially for Adam who has tirelessly been making changes following our continued feedback over the last 3 months.

Launch Videos on Instagram!

14th January 2020

If you didn't have the chance to come and see us at our official launch in Gloucester Blackfriars last October, you can see snippets of the video on Instagram.

No time like today!

12th January 2020

Twenty-twenty is here! Happy New Year to all. May this year bring you all hope, love and give you time to enjoy life. Animo's composer commissions are gathering speed!

Festive Wishes to Everyone - You too Carl Sandburg!

18th December 2019

It is this time of year when we look back at the year that's gone, look ahead with our dreams and hopes but most of all, look around us and catch-up with ourselves and where we are, right now. Our Animo story is just beginning but the seeds were sown many years ago.

'Play me I'm yours' in Bristol

3rd December 2019

Animo went busking on one of the last remaining street pianos at Bristol and Bath Science park. It was a quiet start to our Street Pianos tour!

Hellens Manor, August 2nd 2020 Martin Bills and Animo

30th November 2019

This is Animo's first official collaboration and we are delighted that it is going to be with the award-winning composer Martin Bills. We think this concert will enthrall you and we can't wait to share this unique blend of musical styles with you!

Sound, camera, action!

17th November 2019

Animo's sound is created by Adam Bertenshaw who I call 'our sound chef'. In reality, Adam is the team and has gathered the most wonderful young media specialists to film, photograph and capture our sound.   This blog is dedicated to him. 

Coach House Pianos

8th November 2019

Thank you Coach House Pianos for sponsoring our Launch VIP event! It was a dream to perform on such a beautifully soulful instrument. We could not have done this without your support!


25th October 2019

We are officially launched as Animo! It was a hugely successful event thanks to all our wonderful guests and our ever expanding team who worked tirelessly for 2 solid days to bring together a beautiful launch. Thank you all for being part of our story!

Tonight! Launch, composers, future.

24th October 2019

This is it! Our launch is taking place tonight. We are already celebrating our future, whatever shape it may take...

Wrap-up warm

21st October 2019

To all our VIP guests that are coming to our launch... remember that Animo are performing in a 780-year old building and you will need to wrap up warm!

One week!

17th October 2019

Animo are nearly 'a go!' It's less than a week until we play the first note and launch our duo... We can hardly wait to share our music with everyone. It really is, 'all systems go'! OUR LAUNCH EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT!

Three weeks!

4th October 2019

It's only three weeks until our launch; we are ready to begin our journey... 

Open rehearsal leads to official Countdown

24th September 2019

Coach House Pianos were very welcoming on the 13th September. We had a brilliant open rehearsal; a tonic after days of intense practice. It also signals the start of our Countdown to our Official Promotional Launch on October 24th 2019... go Animo!

Open rehearsal at Coach House Pianos Friday 13th September 2019

13th September 2019

Animo are performing at our Sponsors' headquarters, in Swansea. This is another first for us and we are delighted that this 'open rehearsal' will take place at Coach House Pianos in Swansea amidst a sea of beautiful pianos - what a treat!


5th September 2019

Still a working title, Animo have completed their first recording! 

Thank you Adam; you did us proud!

It's the final Countdown!

28th August 2019

Animo's residential signals the start of the Countdown to our recording and our official launch 24th October 2019.

Animo's first composition commission is now a reality!

19th August 2019

Joseph Howard, our 'launch composer' has delivered the final draft of his commissioned composition. A very exciting moment for Animo.

Commissioning compositions - 'new music' project

31st July 2019

We are very lucky to have had such a brilliant response to an ad that went on Composing today. The ad reached many composers from all over the world. This has inspired us to start our 'new music' project from November 2019.

This is why we love playing music!

19th July 2019

Bill Anderton, an accomplished string player and composer, runs a music gathering for friends and lovers of music of all ages and all levels. We were invited to come and see, hear, play, eat biscuits and drink tea and coffee.  

Logo graffiti

16th July 2019

It was Sarah's idea to graffiti our ANIMO logo: two white king size sheets from ASDA, box of graffiti spray paints, imagination, fun, two very happy musicians...

And so it begins!

10th July 2019

Our launch story has officially begun. We've just had our first session with our launch composer Joe Howard. This is going to be good!

Dymock Festival looking back

8th July 2019

A few days ago we received some video clips and photos from Dymock's 'Sounds at the Pound'. 

Joe and Animo and biomusic

23rd June 2019

Our first meeting with Joe Howard, our launch composer, is in July. 

The idea is that we "organically" come up with any ideas that can be recorded and incorporated into our first ever Animo-commissioned composition. Very exciting! 

Which composer?

19th June 2019

It has been a wonderful experience to have so many composers approach us offering to write for Animo!

Animo Recording, 2nd - 3rd September

10th June 2019

September 2-3, 2019. ANIMO's inaugural CD recording sessions. Super excited!

ANIMO launch composer

7th June 2019

The first composition written specifically for ANIMO is under way

Animo Residential - 29th August - 1st September

3rd June 2019

The first ever ANIMO residential rehearsals, which is another way of saying "practise like hell" for 4 days (and nights) in a cottage in Portishead with our two dogs:
  • Sarah and Nellie (collie)
  • Yanna and Molly (doodle)
The dogs will keep the beat, remind us that snoozing and walks by the sea are imperative. 
We will bring our video cameras with us to record some of the hilarity and absurdity that usually takes place in rehearsals. We are so looking forward to this already!

Thank you Dymock - You were a brilliant crowd!

28th May 2019

ANIMO had their first outing at 'Sounds at the Pound' part of Dymock's festival. It was rainy, sunny, windy, cold and hot all at the same time but we had so much fun! Everyone was so helpful and professional. They made us feel so welcome.

Dymock’s Sounds at the Pound festival - 26th May

24th May 2019

Hello ANIMO fans out there! ANIMO are at Dymock’s Sounds at the Pound festival this weekend. Yes, the day has arrived! Sunday 26th marks our first official outing since we decided to be a Contemporary Music Flute and Piano duo.

The Launch - 24th October

3rd May 2019

ANIMO are preparing full steam ahead for their big Autumn launch event!

On October 24th ANIMO are performing in front of an audience of invited VIP guests at Blackfriars in Gloucester as their official promotional event.

Dymock Festival - 26th May

1st May 2019

ANIMO were invited to play “something different” at Dymock Festival... yes, we do love a challenge, and we are different to any other flute and piano duo so … perfect match!

ANIMO is born - A bit of history

29th March 2019

In Spring 2018 Sarah and Yanna decided to play together as a serious venture rather than ad-hoc. At that point, Yanna, happily retired from teaching since 2016, is busy with a big home renovation project since October 2017 and Sarah is working all hours, playing with other ensembles, conducting, teaching, running marathons but both decide that they are ready for a new challenge!