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One week!

17th October 2019

Animo are nearly 'a go!' It's less than a week until we play the first note and launch our duo... We can hardly wait to share our music with everyone. It really is, 'all systems go'! OUR LAUNCH EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT!

Three weeks!

4th October 2019

It's only three weeks until our launch; we are ready to begin our journey... 

Open rehearsal leads to official Countdown

24th September 2019

Coach House Pianos were very welcoming on the 13th September. We had a brilliant open rehearsal; a tonic after days of intense practice. It also signals the start of our Countdown to our Official Promotional Launch on October 24th 2019... go Animo!

Open rehearsal at Coach House Pianos Friday 13th September 2019

13th September 2019

Animo are performing at our Sponsors' headquarters, in Swansea. This is another first for us and we are delighted that this 'open rehearsal' will take place at Coach House Pianos in Swansea amidst a sea of beautiful pianos - what a treat!


5th September 2019

Still a working title, Animo have completed their first recording! 

Thank you Adam; you did us proud!

It's the final Countdown!

28th August 2019

Animo's residential signals the start of the Countdown to our recording and our official launch 24th October 2019.

Animo's first composition commission is now a reality!

19th August 2019

Joseph Howard, our 'launch composer' has delivered the final draft of his commissioned composition. A very exciting moment for Animo.

Commissioning compositions - 'new music' project

31st July 2019

We are very lucky to have had such a brilliant response to an ad that went on Composing today. The ad reached many composers from all over the world. This has inspired us to start our 'new music' project from November 2019.