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Music can cure things medication can't

18th March 2020

These are different times. Live, free music, courtesy of a virus. If this isn't the most symbolic gesture by the universe, I don't know what is! MUSIC CAN CURE THINGS MEDICATION CAN'T was a quote I stumbled upon this evening...

Meeting Wendy Nieper and Eve Loiseau - Martin Bills is a genius!

5th March 2020

Wendy, Eve, Yanna and Sarah met last February in preparation for their collaboration concert at Hellens Manor on August 2nd 2020. We all agreed that Martin's songs are both inspiring and soothing and we can't wait to share them with our audiences!

Tara is in the house!

27th February 2020

On February 21st Tara and Animo met for the first time face to face. What a treat! Tara brought the first draft of her composition which she is writing for us, with us. It's about endless sadness, a threnody, an endless inconsolable grief and yet so much hope, so much courage, so much to celebrate and share with the rest of the world.

CHP A Year in Review

11th February 2020

A video that we thought it was worth sharing created by our Launch Sponsors, Coach House Pianos. Animo is featured in there as well as lots of other beautiful moments.

Promo video is now live!

30th January 2020

Our promotional video is now live on social media and our website! We are very proud of the final cut and really grateful to all who helped make this dream a reality! A highly involved process for everyone who produced it but especially for Adam who has tirelessly been making changes following our continued feedback over the last 3 months.

Launch Videos on Instagram!

14th January 2020

If you didn't have the chance to come and see us at our official launch in Gloucester Blackfriars last October, you can see snippets of the video on Instagram.

No time like today!

12th January 2020

Twenty-twenty is here! Happy New Year to all. May this year bring you all hope, love and give you time to enjoy life. Animo's composer commissions are gathering speed!

Festive Wishes to Everyone - You too Carl Sandburg!

18th December 2019

It is this time of year when we look back at the year that's gone, look ahead with our dreams and hopes but most of all, look around us and catch-up with ourselves and where we are, right now. Our Animo story is just beginning but the seeds were sown many years ago.