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Phase 2 Animo commissions Caitlin, Jo, Supriya, Apollonio

13th June 2021

We had a plan... and now we have a different one! Our commissions have taken a new turn; as it's always the case, good things come to those who wait. So, we wait and stand in awe of our composers who are writing the most amazing music for us and with us!

Classical Music in a Changing World

9th June 2021

Who knew that Animo would be a part of an Academic publication? It was thanks to professor Alberto Nones who discovered us from our AEMC competition application and invited us to take part at the conference in June 2020. 

Ex Arcadia release 4th June 2021

24th May 2021

'Ex Arcadia' by Joseph Howard is going to be our first official release for 2021 on June 4th!

ANIMO LIVE at Bösendorfer Hall, London

14th May 2021

We are so excited that after months of hard graft, live-streaming weekly, recording our second new Album over 5 days, working with 8 composers at different times and stages, is finally paying off and we can now see the finishing line.


4th May 2021

Remember those lovely pencils, pens, mugs and bags at our 2019 Launch? Well, they are now on sale through our Bandcamp merch shop!

A short film is born

28th April 2021

We are making a short of film of 'The Journey of Alan Kurdi'. That is the most exciting news since our launch in 2019!

Animo meets Apollonio Maiello- Phase 1

18th April 2021

Animo met Apollonio on ZOOM to discuss our commissioned composition for the first time.  Apollonio shared a score and audio with us...We accept the challenge!

Phase 1 Animo workshops with Supriya Nagarajan

7th April 2021

It was such a pleasure to work with Supriya and open ourselves to the magic of improvisation on Indian Music Ragas. 



1st April 2021

News Flash! KORES TRIO is born!

Animo have joined forces with Wendy Nieper, soprano, jazz singer, scat singer, vocal coach, University lecturer, ex-Swingle Singer and wonderful human being.

So now you can look forward to more wonderful collaborations, concerts, livestreams...

Phase 1 Animo meets Jovana Backovic

29th March 2021

After an initial zoom meet, Jovana and Animo happily agreed that we are on the same wavelength and we are both looking for music that is grounded and soulful. 

Jovana's way of composing is totally funky! The follow-up was recorded on video.

Caitlin Laing - Phase 1

28th March 2021

It's been a while since my last Blog. 

We've just played our last YouTube weekly Livestream with Rachmaninov's 'Vocalise' and Variation 18 from his 'Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini' and we said a cheery 'see you later' to all of you, our supporters, our Animo fans. Thanks for watching!

Now, we move on to our four 2021 composers...

Taking a wee break

14th March 2021

Animo are taking a 'wee break' from our weekly lunchtime livetsreaming so Tuesday 16th March will be our last one for a little while. 

We have plans to work with our 2021 composers, prepare for competitions, plan to record more videos and start a new channel on YouTube and prepare for two live concerts! 

Meet our 2021 composers: Apollonio Maiello

27th February 2021

Last day of introducing our 2021 Composers. Meet Apollonio Maiello.

Meet our 2021 composers Jovana Backovic

26th February 2021

Meet our 2021 Composers continues with the versatile, innovative and multi-disciplined musician, Jovana Backovic.


Meet our 2021 composers Caitlin Laing-McEvoy

25th February 2021

Second day of presenting one of our four composers for 2021, Caitlin Laing-McEvoy.

Meet our 2021 composers Supriya Nagarajan

24th February 2021

Starting tonight, 25th February 2021, we will feature one of our 2021 Composers (Apollonio, Caitlin, Jovana and Supriya) with links to their music and a short bio. 


Composers 2021 announced!

21st February 2021






Announcing the 2021 Animo 'new music project' composers!




So, how did it go?

10th February 2021

Our Animo two residential and recording sessions are now in the past. What's left is the desire to do more, to work harder, to play more repertoire and to not rest but to keep going but we are all human and it really is time to rest... and be reflective.



4th February 2021

Spring is on its way! Let's begin positive.

ANIMO two recording are starting tomorrow for another 3 days and I've made a little video called 'beginnings'.

'ANIMO two', Part II

3rd February 2021

Last week's recording sessions are everything we'd hoped it would be: fun, challenging, soul-affirming and, at times, exhausting. Just like Grayson Perry advocates in his Art Club, the Arts help us immerse ourselves body and soul into creating something new, unknown and straight from the heart.

We strive to make it look effortless...

And so it starts...

26th January 2021

Recording for 'ANIMO two' starts tomorrow with a 'set-up day'. Adam Bertenshaw is back to record us both on audio and video. We have created a little Covid-safe haven (Gazebo included!) and tomorrow we will spend the whole day setting up equipment, finding the right sound, floating ideas.

Women Composers - ANIMO two

24th January 2021

37 Women Composers have applied to write music for us this year. We are elated! The selection process begins but before that, we want to say a big 'thank you' to all who applied.

You are all remarkable, astonishingly individual and so intriguingly creative!

photo by Annie Sprat (Unsplash)

Paul Hart, City Life

16th January 2021

Right now, 'City' and 'Life' seem canyons apart! This is, however, a tribute to a fabulous British composer PAUL HART, a bass player, violinist, pianist and life-long piano accompanist and jazz violinist to Cleo Lane and John Dankworth. What a CV!

January 2021

9th January 2021

Join us for a month of Live-streams with Animo starting on January 12th at 12:45.



5th January 2021

Following the announcement of the new Lockdown in the UK, Sarah and I kept our fingers crossed today hoping that we can work together again...

Livestreams going ahead

2nd January 2021

CORRECTION: despite the PM's Lockdown announcement, Animo will continue with our Live streams starting January 5th 'Tuesday LIVE at 12:45'.


Old year - New year

31st December 2020

With 20/20 vision we move forward to 2021. A whole new chapter.

Sarah made a beautiful video which sums up some of our achievements in 2020...



20th December 2020

I just had to deliver this news in person: 

We are now on Facebook!

Kind20 and Seasons Greetings

17th December 2020

I have just filled our Gallery with snapshots from our "tour" of Kindest Christmas experience. Take a look at our Gallery section (link in the Blog).

Such a great idea to extend time for a full 24 hour music from around the world via Facebook. We were very happy to be part of this and now we look towards the future with some hope that live music will flourish once again and we will be playing music in front of a live audience. We do love sharing our music with everyone...

Livestream 7 Animo Live from Eden's Hill home Studio

15th December 2020

Hey, Ho! It's Christmas!

Kind20 24hour Worldwide Livestream Festival of Music

12th December 2020

ANIMO are performing at the KIND20 worldwide online Festival -the 24-hour Kindest Christmas Festival- which will Livestream on Facebook, December 17th 2020.

You can watch Animo performing Christmas music in Jazz style (and we've turned our Home Studio into Santa's grotto!).

Livestream 6 and Livestream 7

8th December 2020

We are coming up to the last two Live streams in 2020 and we are looking forward, only forward, to 2021. 

Bring your sleigh bells for Livestream 7!

The Journey released on 5th December 2020

3rd December 2020

When you visit our website you will see that we have a new tab called: New Releases.

We are starting with 'The Journey of Alan Kurdi' by Lukas Piel which we recorded...

8th December Livestream 5

3rd December 2020

Our fifth Livestream in 2020 is showcasing two fabulous British Composers: Geoff Eales and James Rae. 

Livestream 3&4

25th November 2020

We are so enjoying performing for all of you out there! Thank you for supporting us on social media and our youtube comments. Livestream 3 (Spiegel im Spiegel) is now in the past and we are now preparing for Livestream 4...  

Livestream 3

23rd November 2020

Join us for our third Livestream on YouTube on Tuesday 24th November at 12:45

Tomorrow's treat is 'Spiegel im Spiegel' for Alto Flute and Piano by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

Livestream 2 and New Release!

14th November 2020

Stronger and more determined than ever, Animo are back to work during England's second lockdown. 

We plan to continue...

Livestream 1

4th November 2020

Today it was Animo's first live-streaming expedition! Three mics, two cameras, one mixing desk, ecamm-live streaming software (kudos to the developers!) and actually...

One year ANIMO!

24th October 2020

Today is one year since Animo's launch...


Animo two

13th October 2020

We set the route to ANIMO two during Lockdown but we have to divert slightly to make room for new ideas and more urgent requests - all  of which will be revealed in a future blog. ANIMO two will be recorded in the new year but in the meantime...

Animo Jailbreak - snapshot

30th September 2020

We just posted a snapshot of our 'Jailbreak concert' in August 2020 on SoundCloud!


10th September 2020

We were hoping September will bring with it a whoosh an accelerando, a con moto, a tutta forza, a Da Capo to the more familiar (normal) but it seems we are still living in the 'unknown'. Feels a bit like coming out of hibernation but we don't know when it's going to be safe or 'normal'. We miss performing for people. We miss being spontaneous. Engage Anti-lock breaks!

Jailbreak concert happened! 18.8.2020

21st August 2020

We loved every moment of performing for our fabulous audience last Tuesday. It was a shock to the system too!

A wonderful shock to the system...

Animo Jailbreak!

14th August 2020

It's Animo's Jailbreak on 18th August! We are holding an informal soiree concert at our Eden's Hill Studio base. 

Excited, relieved and, after a long 'tacet' from performing live,  totally up for it!


August is the month for making plans

4th August 2020

Starting today, we have begun our countdown to our new Album release 'ANIMO two', our first Premiere videos on YouTube and lots more rehearsal videos and our 2020 blooper reel (oh, we are still making fools of ourselves!). 

Plans to record new pieces for Music Library are also underway. Above all, we are bursting with anticipation for making LIVE music again!

July news!

10th July 2020

Animo had a brilliant conference experience at the end of June. We met so many wonderful musicians (4 from my home country!). We are now working on our 'new music' commissions, talking to our wonderful composers and planning ahead.

Looking forward - AEMC lasting impressions (27-28 June 2020)

29th June 2020

Animo's participation at the AMEC conference has filled us both with ambition to reach higher but also take a moment and see what is already here.

This weekend: 3rd AEMC Conference, A Journey 27-28/6/20

27th June 2020

This weekend Animo are joining musicians from all the world. The programme is now published and Animo are performing virtually on Sunday 28th June. It is also the first virtual performance of Lukas Piel's beautiful commission 'The Journey of Alan Kurdi'.

Animo went to work!

5th June 2020

Like everybody else during this COVID parallel universe, we too had to double-think about whether we could, in fact, 'go to work' and we decided... we could!

150 words about whether 'Classical Music is dead'

22nd April 2020

This amazing thing happened...