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Sat 27th August 2022
ANIMO fundraising for JAAUK- Chatsworth

Chatsworth, Carriage House

at TBC , £65 from JAUUK's website

Anino have been invited to play for JAUUk's 2022 Dinner Concert at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire Dales on August 27th, 2022. 

'The purpose of JAAUk as a registered charity is our commitment to improving healthcare both in the UK and India, by promoting continuing education, improving services and access and associated endeavours towards this intention.'
We are thrilled to be supporting JAAUk and we are preparing a rich and soulful programme with sounds from all over the world perfect for this occasion. 
To book tickets for this very special Dinner Fundraising Concert and support JAUUk's work CLICK HERE

Sun 7th November 2021
An Afternoon with Animo ft Julian Jones

Sheffield Courtyard Cafe Bar

at 15:00 , £12.50

This event is organised by Lynne Robertson and Lynne's Live Lounge 

For tickets please call Lynne on 07931528388

Lynne says:


"I am utterly delighted to bring something completely different to the lovely members of Lynne's Live Lounge, and very much hope that you will attend this concert as I believe it will be very special indeed.
These ladies are world class, but I am setting the ticket price at £12.50 in order to encourage ticket sales for something very different.
Contact me on 07931528388
As usual the cafe's excellent Sunday Carvery will be available to buy before the concert.
Doors 1pm
Concert starts 3pm"
Animo will perform a concert of soothing, fun, challenging and uplifting music with Guest Artist Julian Jones.
ANIMO are excited to be playing one of Julian's more classical pieces in a programme that celebrates music from all the world. We performed part of his Sonatina at our Coach House Pianos livestreamed concert, July 15th, 2021.
We are especially honoured to be sharing the stage with local singer/songwriter Julian Jones. 
This is a treat for anyone who loves music! Join us if you are in Sheffield - or make a special trip, why not?!

Sat 11th September 2021
PRANASA - ANIMO & Supriya Nagarajan

Snape Maltings, Suffolk

at 16:00 , Weekend Pass | £25 - Saturday Day Pass | £16

Saturday 11 September 4pm | Peter Pears Recital Room, Snape Maltings

From the Sanskrit word ‘Prana’, meaning ‘ultimate breath’, and ‘Anasa’, Greek for ‘Breath’, PRANASA aim to do nothing less than breathe music.

Together, Supriya Nagarajan (voice), Sarah Waycott (flute), and Yanna Zissiadou (piano) view their distinctive cultural diversity as a great strength and opportunity.

“We want to create a brand-new sound anchored in texts spoken in our own languages - British, Greek, Indian - and in music. We will explore and manipulate time, phrasing, keys and modes, our own instrumental and vocal techniques, and experiment with light, space, time and speed refraction. We want to find the common places between us yet also borrow from each other’s heritage, creating something that has never been heard before. Using a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, our sound will be recognisable, quirky, surprising, familiar but unknown, soulful, rich, funky, curious, and at all times and in all ways, completely PRANASA!”

We are part of the FESTIVAL OF NEW at Snape Maltings (link will appear here soon) and we couldn't be more proud of this new collaboration. Watch our short video and if you can, join us!


Sun 1st August 2021
Martin Bills songs and Animo's best at Hellens Manor

Hellens Manor

at 18:00 , £16

We are back! LIVE at HELLENS MANOR

August 1st, 2021 is the new date of the postponed concert from August 2020. We are all very excited to perform a most beautiful and varied programme and hope that you will join us for this soulful and festive concert at the beautiful setting of Hellens Manor!


Award-winning composer Martin Bills and Animo have teamed up to offer a concert that transcends musical boundaries and eras.

Performing Martin’s Shakespeare song cycle are the celebrated soprano and jazz vocalist Wendy Nieper, joined by Eve Loiseau a famous Edith Piaf interpreter and actor, accompanied by Yanna Zissiadou.

Animo will be performing their own repertoire which celebrates some of their 'new music project'. Sarah and Yanna have chosen pieces that are both reflective and celebratory to mark the start of this new era of all restrictions being lifted and life being allowed to flow once again...

Thu 15th July 2021
Animo LIVE from Bösendorfer Hall, LONDON


at 7:30 p.m. , £10 per Household (Live-stream only)

To purchase your tickets please click here.

Edited June 26th, 2021:

After months of preparations we are excited to announce that TICKETS are now ON SALE on CROWDCAST for Animo's Bösendorfer Hall Concert, hosted by Coach House Pianos, July 15th, 2021 @ 7:30 p.m.

The 60-minute Live-stream concert will be broadcast professionally from the 'Bösendorfer  Hall', London. We are now only able to offer a Livestream option due to Covid restrictions on the venue. 

Our concert is advertised on Crowdcast. If you have used Crowcast before you will already have access; if not, all you have to do is register with your email and a password and away you go! Here is a handy Crowdcast attendee user guide.

To purchase your tickets please click here.

For this concert Animo have prepared a programme breaming with celebration, energy, soulfulness and three 'premieres'. It is a typical Animo mix of old favourites such as 'Bali Moods' by Anne Boyd and 'Vocalise' by Sergei Rachmaninoff, new discoveries by James Rae and Victor Wong and premieres with works by Tara Guram, Jovana Backcovic and Julian Jones.  





Tue 23rd March 2021
LIVESTREAM 18 Tribute to Rachmaninov

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Animo perform from Eden's Hill home Studio, Tuesday LIVE at 12:45 POSTPONED FROM MARCH 16TH (INTERNET ACCESS ISSUES).

LIVESTREAM 18 Today we perform two Rachmaninov favourites, both stunning in melodic and harmonic richness. 

No.18 from variations on a theme of Paganini originally written for piano and orchestra and his beautiful Vocalise.

A Tuesday treat with love from ANIMO:)

Tue 9th March 2021

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Animo perform live from Eden's Hill home Studio, Tuesday LIVE at 12:45.

LIVESTREAM 17 We perform a piece that was composed by Eugene Bozza titled 'Soir dans les Montagne' (evening in the mountains).

Taken from 

Having won many prizes at the Paris Conservatoire during the 1920s-1930s, Eugène Bozza went on to conduct the orchestra of the Opéra-Comique and to become Head of the Conservatoire in Valenciennes. As a major figure on the classical music frontline, Bozza's compositions were well-received by audiences, Soir Dans Les Montagnes for Flute and Piano being no exception.

[...]Paul Griffiths has written of Bozza's compositions, 'his works reveal melodic fluency, elegance of structure and a consistenly sensitive concern of instrumental capabilities.'

Tue 2nd March 2021
LIVESTREAM 16 Hamburger Sonata

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Animo perform Live from Eden's Hill home Studio, Tuesday LIVE at 12:45

Today Animo will perform one of Sarah's most favourite pieces, and quite yummy too!

It's the 'Hamburger' Sonata by Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach and it is in two movements. Not to be confused with the Big Mac or indeed the Double-decker burger:)

Tue 23rd February 2021
LIVESTREAM 15 Alone in the Rain and Portraits

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45



Animo perform Live from Eden's Hill home Studio, Tuesday LIVE at 12:45 continues with two new, to us, works:

'Alone in the Rain' by Steven Tung and Victor Wong and

'Portraits' by John McCabe


The Alto flute is back by popular demand. Enjoy!

Tue 16th February 2021
LIVESTREAM 14 Old Favourites

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45


Animo perform two pieces which identify our sound and style:

Andy Scott's 'Fujiko' and

Adam Caird's 'After All'.

We hope you enjoy them!

Sat 13th February 2021
9.2.2021 LIVESTREAM 13 Animo LIVE from Eden's Hill home Studio

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

LIVESTREAM 13 Animo TUESDAY LIVE at 12:45 is celebrating one of our commissioned works in its totality: Edmund Jolliffe's 'Red Bird Suite'.

Edmund writes about his unique piece:

This piece is inspired by three of the birds on the RSPB's red list. These are birds listed as being endangered in the UK.

  • Sky Dancer: This music is inspired by the Hen Harrier. The male performs a sky dance over and over again to attract a female. The music is made up of little patterns that are not quite synchronised. Towards the end of the movement they come closer together and ultimately connect.

  • The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker: This is inspired by the drilling of the bird and also its habit of hopping back and forth on tree branches.

  • The Cuckoo: This is based on a folk song 'The Cuckoo is a pretty bird' though the folk song is not heard in its entirety until the very end. When it is heard, the piano effectively takes over and destroys the folk song.

The Red Birds was commissioned by the Animo Duo in 2019 and is dedicated to them.

Edmund Jolliffe's website can be found here



Tue 2nd February 2021
2.2.2021 LIVESTREAM 12 Animo LIVE from Eden's Hill home Studio

LIVESTREAM 12 Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Tuesday LIVE at 12:45 continues with Animo's LIVESTREAM 12  and is dedicated to one of our composers' works.

We are  premiering Helen Walker's 'Suite for Alto Flute and Piano' and re-visiting her 'Two Pieces for Piccolo and Piano' both written for us in 2019-20. Helen's style is Folk, Jazz and Pop anchored in Classical idioms. 

To find out more about Helen Walker and her music visit our composers page and her page on Facebook (@Everyday records).

This Livestream will stay live for 3 days!



Tue 26th January 2021
26.1.2021 LIVESTREAM 11 Animo Live from Eden's Hill home Studio

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Tuesday Live at 12:45 LIVESTERAM 11 features one of our latest discoveries.


'Cloudy Mountain' is written by Anne Boyd and is an evocative piece of World Music.

The piano is transcribed from the original harp but retains the flavour and tone which support the eloquent flute part.

Just like 'Bali Moods' from our EP 'ANIMO one', 'Cloudy Mountain' conveys the rich sounds of Balinese instruments and modes.

'Cloudy mountain' will be released later in 2021 both as a single and part of 'ANIMO two'. 

Tue 19th January 2021
19.1.2021 LIVESTREAM 10 Animo Live from Eden's Hill home studio

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Tuesday Live at 12:45 LIVESTREAM 10 features Paul Hart's City Life 1&3.


Our EP 'ANIMO one' had our recording of City life 2 which is also on YouTube 

All three 'City Life' pieces are in Jazz style and these two are groovy and fun to play, sparkling with details and reminiscent of TV series themes from the 70s and 80s.

We will be releasing all 3 City Life pieces in 2021.

Tue 12th January 2021
12.1.2021 LIVESTREAM 9 Animo Live from Eden's Hill home Studio

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

In our second Livestream 9 for 2021 we are performing the Brazileira from last week's Livestream 8 (when we couldn't play as a duo) and the last two movements of James Rae's Sonatina for Flute and Piano.


We have already performed the first movement of Rae's Sonatina, 'Aquarelle', on the 8th December 2020 and these last two movements show the lyricism and fiery aspects of James Rae's style. The second movement reminds us of the second movement of Francis Poulenc's famous Flute Sonata and the last movement is in a fiery Spanish dance style reminiscent of De Falla's 'Fire dance'.

Since we missed playing as a duo for LIVESTREAM 8,  I think it's only fair that we add the amazing 'Brazileira' to today's concert.

We are recording the entire Sonatina for 'ANIMO two'.

Our next Livestream is on the 19th January 2021. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our news and Livestreams.

Tue 5th January 2021
5.1.2021 LIVESTREAM 8 Animo Live from Eden's Hill home Studio

Eden's Hill home Studio

at 12:45

Due to the PM's Lockdown announcement on Monday 4th January, Animo can't meet to perform their Livestream as planned but we will be with you in the same soothing, fun and unwinding style to liven-up your Tuesday lunchtime:)

As for January and February's Live-streams, we will be following the advice from the Musicians Union.

The link to our Tuesday LIVE at 12:45 5th January LIVESTREAM 8


We are now also on Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications!


Tue 22nd December 2020
22.12.2020 Livestream 7 Animo live from Eden's Hill home Studio

Livestream 7 Eden's Hill home Studio


It's an Animo Christmas! We are performing a selection of Carols to brighten your lunch and soothe your soul. We may even dress up for the occasion...!

Three Christmas favourites: 'God rest you Merry Gentlemen', 'What child is this?' and 'Silent Night'.

Music arranged for Flute and Piano by Chris Lawry, Keri Degg and Fabrizio Ferrari.

We will resume our Livestreaming concerts on January 5th 2021.

We wish you all a healthy, safe, peaceful Christmas. See you in the New Year!



Thu 17th December 2020
KIND20 Worldwide ONLINE Festival - Kindest Christmas

ONLINE Facebook

at 24 hour

Tune in on the 17th December: #KIND20

Animo are participating at the Kindest Christmas Worldwide Online Festival with a performance of two Christmas Favourites, Silent Night and The First Nowell (Noel) both arranged by Chris Lawry and Kerri Degg in Jazz style from their wonderful arrangement compilation Christmas Jazz Album 1 and 2.

Organised by TUFF( #Kind20 is a global awareness campaign for everyone to share the world.

We share our music and hope for better days, more art, less angst, more fun, more spontaneity, less fear, more music...everywhere! 

Tune in on the 17th December: #KIND20

Tue 15th December 2020
15.12.2020 LIVESTREAM 6

YOUTUBE Live from Eden's Hill Studio - Livestream 6

at 12:45

Tuesday Live at 12:45 from Animo's base, Eden's Hill home Studio. We are showcasing the Baroque composer Giovanni Battista Bononcini a contemporary of Georg F Handel.


We thought you might enjoy listening to his Divertimento in F. Bononcini was born in Italy and, under Handel's direction, arrived in London as a composer at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He wrote many operas and some rivaled those written by Handel.

He is quickly becoming a firm favourite with us and an antidote to Bach and Handel who are much more frequently performed.

We will finish our broadcast with something more seasonal which we will reveal on the day! 

The link to our Livestream will appear here on Monday 14th December. 



Tue 8th December 2020
8.12.2020 Livestream 5

YOUTUBE Eden's Hill Studio - Livestream 5

at 12:45

Animo's 5th Livestream is dedicated to two brilliant British contemporary composers. The style today is Jazz and the mood contrasting and we are performing two pieces from our repertoire. Both of these are quite new to us and we are keen to showcase them and introduce them to a wider audience.

Geoff Eales wrote the 'The Last Kiss' for celebrated flautist Andy Findon and it is a fine example of a gentle, intimate and beautifully crafted piece in which piano and flute have equal parts. 

James Rae wrote the Sonatina for the virtuoso flautist and composer Ian Clarke. Today we performing the first movement.

All our lunchtime Livestreams are on Tuesdays at 12:45 and the direct YouTube links is advertised on YouTube (if you subscribe) our website under Events/Blog and on Instagram. 

It's easy to keep up with our news via our website blog and on social media!


Fri 4th December 2020
Late Christmas Shopping Ledbury - Take 4 Gallery POSTPONED

LEDBURY 'Take 4 Gallery', 30 The Homend Ledbury, HR8 1BT

at Time TBC , Free

Animo will be performing a Festive selection from their extensive repertoire for Take 4 Gallery's 'Late night shopping' event on December 4th 2020. 

A chance to view some exceptional art, listen to Animo's new repertoire and breathe in the festive atmosphere that Ledbury has to offer. 

Tue 1st December 2020
Livestream 4 Edmund and Helen

Live from Eden's Hill Studio - Livestream 4 PREMIERE

at 12:45

With apologies, the link was changed Tuesday 1.12.2020 at 21:31.

To access Livestream 4 click here. Animo's fourth livestream from our Eden's Hill Studio takes place nearly at the end of England's second Covid Lockdown. Today we present music samples from our 2019 commissions showcasing works by Helen Walker and Edmund Jolliffe. They are both online premieres

Helen Walker's Two pieces for piccolo and piano: 'Get gone' and 'Wildflower' (Helen has written another suite of three pieces for alto flute and piano for us)

Edmund Jolliffe's 'The lesser spotted Woodpecker' from 'The Red Birds' Suite'. Edmund has written a three movement suite for us. The other two birds are hen harrier 'Sky dancer' and the 'Cuckoo' which is based the folk tune 'the cuckoo is a pretty bird'.

All our Livestreams take place on YouTube on Tuesdays at 12:45 and they will be available for 2 weeks after the event.

Subscribing to our Blog and YouTube channel will give you the link to our livestream video. We will also publish the link on Instagram where you can follow us.

 See you!

Tue 24th November 2020
Livestream 3

Eden's Hill Studio - Livestreaming 3

at 12:45

Our third Livestreaming concert.

Tuesday 24th November at 12:45.  Please click on this link:

Follow us on Instagram for details of the YouTube link - also on our website Blog. 

Take your mask off and enjoy time to yourself!

This week we are performing  Arvo Part's still and meditative 'Spiegel im Spiegel' for Alto flute and piano. 


Tue 17th November 2020
Livestream 2

Eden's Hill Studio - second livestream

at 12:45

Our second Animo Livestreaming concert will take place on November 17th at 12:45. 

The YouTube link will be posted on our Instagram feed on the day. The video will be available for a couple of weeks after the Livestream. 

This week we are performing music by Michael Regan, 'Desert Winds' and William Lloyd Webber's 'The Gardens at Eastwell'.

Desert Winds:

1. Harmattan, A dry and dusty wind which blows from the Sahara over the Atlantic coast of West Africa in December, January and February

2. Santa Ana, Strong, extremely dry downslope winds that affect coastal Southern California and northern Baja California. Sometimes called Devil Winds.

3. Brickfielder, A summer hot, dusty and dry wind in Southern Australia

Wed 4th November 2020
Livestream 1

Eden's Hill Studio - Livestreaming 1

at 12:45

Animo is going live starting the 4th November 2020. 

We will advertise on our Blog and Instagram feed. 

"Come along" and enjoy a short but sweet concert of the world's most wonderful music. This week it is a beautiful Baroque composition by a woman composer, Anna Amalia von Preussen. It is her Sonata in F major in 3 movements:

I Adagio

II Allegretto

III Allegro ma non troppo

Tue 18th August 2020
Animo Jailbreak

Eden's Hill Studio - open air concert

at 17:30 , Free

'Animo Jailbreak' 

An Open Air, post Covid Lockdown, Stage Three, concert. Animo favourites performed in front of a live, small audience.  


Sun 2nd August 2020
Animo and Martin Bills POSTPONED

The Great Barn, Hellens Manor, Herefordshire, HR8 2LY

at 18:00 , £16

We are proud to be part of Hellens Manor Music programme for 2020.

Award-winning composer Martin Bills and Animo have teamed up to offer a concert that transcends musical boundaries and eras. Performing Martin’s song cycle are the celebrated soprano and jazz singer Wendy Nieper, joined by well-known Edith Piaf interpreter Eve Loiseau and accompanied by Yanna Zissiadou. Animo will be performing their own ‘soulful’ repertoire and premiere new compositions written specifically for them. In this concert musical styles meld imperceptibly to allow the music to flow without boundaries.

There are three ways to buy your tickets:  

Sat 27th June 2020
AEMC Conference Virtual performance June 27-28 2020


at 13:00 , N/A

Animo were invited to perform at the AEMC virtual (because of COVID-19) conference which dealt with the question 'Is Classical Music dead?'

For us the question ’is Classical Music dead?’ is important. As a Duo we believe that Classical Music as a term is perhaps no longer relevant and to define music into a type creates a feeling of division, expectation and restriction.
For us the act of giving and receiving music should be an inclusive experience without boundaries but a simple freedom of expression.

No one needs to know what they are listening to, it’s just music... 

Sat 9th May 2020
Animo and Jemima Phillips POSTPONED

St Peter's Church Newnham

at 19:30 , Tickets £10 and £5 (concessions)










Animo are teaming up with ex Royal Harpist Jemima Phillips to raise funds for the community to purchase 'The George' in Newnham-on-Severn.

The concert is taking place at St Peter's Church in Newnham-on-Severn, May 9th 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

Read the full story

Support the campaign!

Sat 4th April 2020
Animo part of TAKE 4 GALLERY's 1st year Birthday celebrations POSTPONED

LEDBURY 'Take 4 Gallery', 30 The Homend Ledbury, HR8 1BT

at Time TBC , By Invitation

TAKE 4 Gallery owners Caroline Green and Winona Peddar, are celebrating their Gallery's first anniversary and we are very proud to have been asked to play a selection of the music we love.

The Gallery started out last year and it has been going from strength to strength. For more information visit TAKE 4 Gallery's website. Like Animo, Caroline and Winona believe in creating positive relationships with their wider Artistic community, something they have been doing for many years before. 

We wish them a very happy Birthday!

Tue 3rd December 2019
Busking! Play me I'm yours

Bristol and Bath Science Park

at 11 , Free

The start of our tour of Street Pianos. 

Sat 23rd November 2019
Newent lights switch on


at 15:15 , free

Newent Switches on its lights on November 23rd and Animo will be there with bells, lights and whistles!

There are a few things happening that day - all worth seeing and taking in that festive air. 

Check out the Newent Christmas lights switch on website here.

We hope to perform Festive favourites and some of our own favourite repertoire to soothe the soul.

We start performing at 3:15 pm for around 45 minutes. Santa is due to arrive in town at 4:30!

Thu 24th October 2019
The Launch

Blackfriars, Gloucester

at 18:00

ANIMO are preparing full steam ahead for their big Autumn launch event! On October 24th ANIMO are performing in front of an audience of invited VIP guests at Blackfriars in Gloucester as their official promotional event. There are 20 free VIP tickets for this event available directly from ANIMO’s website. Read more...

Fri 13th September 2019
Open Rehearsal

Coach House Pianos, Swansea

at 1pm

Animo will be visiting their Launch Sponsors, Coach House Pianos, headquarters on Friday 13th September 2019 from 1pm onwards. We are excited to play for them and anyone else who visits the showroom. We are also looking forward to choosing the piano for our official launch in October.
Since our practice residential and CD recording this is our first outing and we are very much looking forward to it!

We will be filming the event and hope to share some of the footage on our website and Youtube. See you there!

Sun 26th May 2019
Sounds at the Pound

Dymock Festival

at 2:45pm and 4:20pm , £12.50 adults, £7.50 under 18s

We are absolutely thrilled to be making our live debut. It promises to be a great day out for the whole family and we particularly looking forward to meeting our fellow musicians and enjoying beautiful sounds at the pound! 

We are performing 2 slots of 15 minutes each at 14:45 and at 16:20, either side some very talented musicians. We will be giving away 20 VIP tickets to anyone who completes our feedback cards and hands them to us at the end of the day. Do come and join us for 'something different' and surprisingly beautiful!

Sat 9th June 2018
Springfield Singers concert

St Briavels Church, Forest of Dean

ANIMO (then just Sarah and Yanna) performed as special guests in a concert organised by the Springfield Singers raising funds for Nicky’s giving fund, a cause that is very close to Sarah’s personal story.

A very moving and joyous event in front of a full audience. ANIMO started their contemporary music journey then playing Astor Piazzolla and Richard Rodney Bennett.

The concert was a success and raised awareness of a charity that quietly supports young people to fulfil their potential despite personal, physical and emotional obstacles or disabilities.

Animo flute and piano duo tour dates