"It was a wonderful evening and I was completely bowled over by your talent and passion for the composers you celebrated."

EL - 1 January 1970


"The evening was amazing! Your music was like nothing that I’ve ever heard before and I really did feel like I was transported to a different space when I was listening to some of your pieces."

JT - 1 January 1970


"'A' and I were blown away by the versatility of Animo. The pieces were very atmospheric and made even more so by the surroundings. I'm not a great fan of contemporary music but I loved the pieces you played which weren't, as I would say, too off the wall! You make a great duo and look forward to hearing more from you both."

JR - 1 January 1970


"Thank you all for such a lovely evening yesterday. What a splendid venue, beautifully decorated and the range of music was superb. We particularly liked the Bartok and the Andy Scott piece. VM 24th October 2019 "

VM - 1 January 1970


"What a thoroughly enjoyable event! The fabulous musicianship and a lovely atmosphere combined to make an unforgettable evening. ANIMO’s music is from the heart - through their choice of repertoire and the care and attention to detail displayed in their performance they created a wonderful, spellbinding concert."

Everyday Records - 1 January 1970


"Beautiful, this is the start of something so exciting! I am so pleased for your both. Salt of the earth blew my socks off!"

SA - 1 January 1970


"Remarkable! So moving...I can't wait to hear more and follow you on this incredible journey! Beautiful evening. Thank you!"

AA - 1 January 1970


"What a fantastic experience. Thank you both for such a wonderful opportunity to listen to your talent. The music sent shivers down my spine! "

JB&J - 1 January 1970


"Thank you so much for this evening. I was transported. The harits on the back of my neck are still standing. Such a wonderful sound, and a marvellous venue. On to the next concert... "

B - 1 January 1970


"We have been very privileged to have been here to listen to you both. "

J&A - 1 January 1970


"Exquisite launch! Congratulations Yanna and Sarah and a huge well done to all involved in making Animo happen! It was wonderful to hear you play in concert! What a beautiful evening. Thank you! "

E - 1 January 1970


"What an incredible night of beautiful musicianship! Wishing you all the success in the world!"

Audience - 1 January 1970


"Absolutely Amazing! "

R and L - 1 January 1970


"Stunning, beautiful, magical. No word to describe how special tonight was. What a fantastic journey you took us on! Thank you."

G - 1 January 1970


"Thank you- a true privilege to share your special evening. "

D - 1 January 1970


"Extraordinary. A magical atmosphere from the first note!"

J - 1 January 1970


"What a wonderful evening to be invited to - We wish you both the very best on your adventure."

S and N - 1 January 1970


"What a wonderful evening. It was special hearing beautiful unusual music in this setting. Thank you so much for inviting me."

RC - 1 January 1970


"What a wonderful sound! I closed my eyes and took it all in. Just beautiful! "

KF - 1 January 1970


"For the first time in my life I am lost for words - I would just like to say that I feel the most privileged person to have watched you. Thank you both for a fabulous concert. "

C - 1 January 1970


"This was absolutely gorgeous! We feel so honoured to have been invited. "

GJD - 1 January 1970


"Simply mesmerising. "

Audience - 1 January 1970


"Thank you for an amazing evening. You have transported me to a place where today and its problems do not exist. "

B - 1 January 1970


"Beautiful concert and venue. Really enjoyed it. "

CR - 1 January 1970


"My blood pressure has surely gone down! Just so moving to see, hear and share in your music. "

LM - 1 January 1970


"Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!"

AD F - 1 January 1970


"Amazing performance! The music was beautiful!"

J - 1 January 1970


"Yanna and Sarah, thank you for the VIP invitation to a fantastic evening. We thoroughly enjoyed all of it."

J&A - 1 January 1970


""A mesmerising and fabulous evening." "A memorable evening" "Thank you so much for inviting us to such an amazing evening!!" "Everything was perfect. You are both fabulous!""

DPAR - 1 January 1970


"My mother, M and I cannot thank you and Jan enough for inviting us to the launch of ‘Animo’. We were absolutely stunned by the venue, Blackfriars Priory and how 'J' enhanced the historic building so perfectly with the fairy lights and plants. The setting could not have been more perfect. The beauty of the building, however, was then surpassed once you and Sarah started playing. You are the most wonderful duo and it was the most exciting evening, to listen to such unique music which was played to such a high standard. Every piece was elevating and enthralling to listen to. Thank you too for the delicious canapes and warming glass of mulled wine. The whole evening was a joy to be at, totally inspiring. Thank you very much once again."

M, M and C - 1 January 1970