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And so it begins!

10th July 2019

Our launch story has officially begun. We've just had our first session with our launch composer Joe Howard. This is going to be good!

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Joe and Animo and biomusic

23rd June 2019

Our first meeting with Joe Howard, our launch composer, is in July. 

The idea is that we "organically" come up with any ideas that can be recorded and incorporated into our first ever Animo-commissioned composition. Very exciting! 

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Which composer?

19th June 2019

It has been a wonderful experience to have so many composers approach us offering to write for Animo!

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Animo Recording, 2nd - 3rd September

10th June 2019

September 2-3, 2019. ANIMO's inaugural CD recording sessions. Super excited!
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ANIMO launch composer

7th June 2019

The first composition written specifically for ANIMO is under way

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Animo Residential - 29th August - 1st September

3rd June 2019

The first ever ANIMO residential rehearsals, which is another way of saying "practise like hell" for 4 days (and nights) in a cottage in Portishead with our two dogs:
  • Sarah and Nellie (collie)
  • Yanna and Molly (doodle)
The dogs will keep the beat, remind us that snoozing and walks by the sea are imperative. 
We will bring our video cameras with us to record some of the hilarity and absurdity that usually takes place in rehearsals. We are so looking forward to this already!
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